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{Friday} Finds

Happy Friday Folks!

That was fun to say. So I realize it's coming a little later in the day, but I figure, better late than never! Right?....Yeah...right!

I found the finds this week at The Attic, in Ankeny upon recommendation from a friend and reader (Thanks Jen!!). I hadn't been there before, I know it's silly, and as expected, I fell in love when I walked in the door. The store is filled with charm and great home decore pieces. For those of you unaware, The Attic is also a consignment shop, but specifically for furnishings and home decor. You can tell that they take pride in the pieces they accept onto the floor, as everything there was in wonderful shape. The displays were beautifully set up, and though the store seemed to be bursting with items, it is laid out in a way that is easy to navigate and see everything on display. Admittedly it would take a few passes through to really soak everything in, but then, who says that's a problem?

1. They had a pair of this beautiful chair. I love the soft gray fabric and the clean lines. The gentle swoop of the arms adds some character so it doesn't feel too austare.

2. I loved this little white table, it is so sweet and simple. It would make a great accent table or even a plant stand.

3. Where do I start? I love the traditional lines of this chair, but the "cowhide" upholstery is a nice modern touch to keep it from feeling too dated. And the colorful pillow on there, is just perfect.

4. This dining set practically took my breath away. I know that sounds nerdy, but hello, it's stunning. And that rug it is set on is equally as gorgeous.

5. I love love love the fabric on this ottoman, combined with the simple clean lines of the ottoman itself. The fabric could be a bit too traditional on any other piece, but it suites this one so well.

6. This is one of many beautiful sofas on the floor. Again, I love the soft, warm gray fabric on this piece, and I am really a sucker for a crisp square arm. It is so clean and striking.

7. I am 359% IN LOVE with this hutch. It's possible to be that much in love with an inanimate object, yes? Well I say it is, so there. I wanted to bring it home, give it a name and make it mine forever. It is so gorgeous. I love the industrial chic look of it, with the bright colors on the drawers. The traditional pieces set upon it are a great juxtaposition. Simply lovely.

Well, that's all folks (I pretty much love looney tunes, ok). These pieces are just a small margin of the great things I saw at The Attic this week. Expect more {Friday} Finds from here!!

Take Care and have a great weekend!!!

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