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Thursday Trends

Hey Guys!

So as I have been writing on this blog more regularly, I find myself having more ideas to write about, cool, right?! Well I think it's kind of cool, and it's also kind of annoying, but I'll roll with it for now. I think that I want to add an another blog "segment" I guess. I want to write about things that I think are on trend and will only grow in popularity. These things will range from finishes, to furnishings, accessories, artwork, whatever candy sounds good at the moment. You name it, if I'm into it, imma talk about it. I am going to shoot to do a "Thursday Trends" post on at *least* the first Thursday of the month. We will see if it picks up from there, so let me know what you think!!

This week, since it is the first time I am doing the trends post, I am looking at colors that are growing in popularity.

{ Chair / Pillow / Rug }

Unless you have been under a rock the last year or two, you know that gray is pretty much the new neutral, and thankfully, this trendy color isn't going anywhere. It is classic and works in almost any style setting. A great way to use gray is to mix up the tones in a space. Don't feel obligated to stick with all the same saturation of gray. Use some light gray paint on the wall if you are going dark gray on your cabinets to set a nice neutral canvas to splash your colorful accessories onto.

Next, I am in love with gold as an accent, just, everywhere. Duh.

Gold does a great job of adding a touch of elegance, flair and whimsy all at the same time. When used sparingly the little touch of metallic warms up the space and draws your eye right to it. I also love the use of gold in larger amounts in powder rooms. I recently painted the ceiling in my half bath gold and am loving it. I intend to share photos (cough, cough) once I get it all the way done in there. When it comes to gold, you have options too! So if you think "Blech! I hate brassy, yellow gold!! You're crazy, lady!" Then don't use that gold, use rose gold. Which I am currently obsessed with. I am starting to see more and more accessories and other items available in rose gold and I love it so much my heart hurts.

I know what you are thinking here, "Teal isn't new. Teal has been around and it's great. Everybody already loves it, STOP SELLING ME ON TEAL!"

{ Throw / Painting / Rug }

Well, calm down, OverReacty (that's a word). I just want to say, that teal, much like gray, isn't going anywhere. It works so well with the other colors on trend, gray gold, and orange (I'm getting to that), and it is dreamy. So if you have been riding the teal train for a while, just keep on a-ridin' that baby. Teal works stunningly as an accent paint, and effortlessly as accessories and I love it. To pieces.

Concrete is another trend I am loving right now. It too has been doing some fun stuff lately, outside of the norm.

{ Light / Votive / Table }

It has obviously made for fun planters and pieces outside. Then it moved inside a while ago when it popped up in countertops. I love to see how creative manufacturers and artists are becoming with this medium, incorporating it indoors in new ways, tabletops aren't a big stretch from countertops, but can be beautifully executed. It is also showing up in accessories, cart tops, light fixtures, you name it. I think the addition of this generally cold, rough material into an interior space in a warm, soft way is an impressive juxtaposition of what it is, and what it can be and what it can do for a space. It really adds a lot of texture and depth.

Orange is another color that I am loving as an accent. It is obviously great for fall, but it works well with jewel tones year round. It is also fabulous with corals and pinks for spring.

{ Lamp / Chair / Pillow }

Adding a pop of orange to a space livens the decor up and brings in a lot of energy. Orange is one of my favorite accents to pepper into a space for that little bit of unexpected spice.

Duh, marble. It's classic and has been around for ages. But it is increasing in popularity and I couldn't be happier about it.

Marble is timeless and can be worked into pretty much any decor style. I love it so much. I am thrilled to see it picking up speed in the industry again. It works well with traditional spaces, contemporary, transitional, mid mod, you name it, marble looks good in it. One of my favorite places to see a marble look is on countertops. Now, I say "marble look" here intentionally. I would NOT recommend putting a true marble in as the countertop in your kitchen. In a bathroom, sure, but not a kitchen. It is a soft, porous stone that requires more care than granite, and can stain and take on odors and bacteria easily. But luckily there are several great alternatives to real marble for countertops in quartz products. I have even seen some interesting DIY marble surface treatments that leave me curious. I also love seeing marble in a classic hex or penny round tile. Two classics that work beautifully together.

So there you have it folks, my thoughts on a few colors and finishes that are on trend, be it something new to the field or something classic recirculating or being reintroduced in a new way.

Thanks for reading my jazz, have a fabulous Thursday.

Boom, I'm out.

- D

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