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Playing with Subway Tile in your Home

Well Happy Monday! Sorry for the radio silence last week, I was out for minor surgery. And when I say "out" I mean, laid in bed and shopped online for a day, slept a day and then made appointments for myself the next three days. That was maybe not the smartest....but it was one a day, so that's ok right? You know what they say, "One day keeps the...stircraziness away...?" Right? I am pretty sure that's how it goes.

Well anyway, this week I want to talk about subway tile. Obviously it is popular, everybody knows that. Unless maybe you have lived under a rock, or are deathly allergic to tile, in which case, I am so sorry. But to the rest of the world, subway tile is really on trend, and for good reason. It is cheap, it is clean and simple, it is classic and you can do anything with it! I want to show just a few pattern options that are just a drop in the bucket of the eleventy-million options.

(I cannot find the source for this image, so if you know it, please share so I can give credit)

These are just a few exaples of some installation diagrams. If you do your research, there are loads of resources available. Obviously you have the standard stack bond, brick offset and the super trendy herringbone. But I want to talk about a few that really switch things up a bit.

I am IN LOVE with a vertical brick offset installation right now. I love that it is such a simple change, but really makes a great impact. It adds some perceived height to the space, but be careful when installing in a narrow space, as it can make it feel tighter.

I couldn't find any good install shots of a basket weave installation, but I love this fun concept. Again a very simpe change, but so innovative and often unexpected. It can make a nice impact with it's subtle difference.

Clearly herringbone, or chevron, is really popular right now, and why shouldn't it be? It is GORGEOUS. So clean and simple and elegant but really adds some visual interest. I love this particular installation for, well, several reasons, but I will only name a couple: the herringbone is set so that it it runs perpendicular to the floor rather than on the diagonal or classic straight/zig zag installation you see herringbone in; and it is paired with a penny round on the floor. Simply lovely.

And lastly folks, this gem. AGain, so very simple but makes such an impact to combin the brick offset vertically and horizontally to converge in the corner. Again, so clean and elegant.

Well there you have it folks. Some thoughts on the endless options out there for subway tile. You basically can't go wrong with this tile, the only problem is choosing what installation you want in your home. I struggle with that same problem in my own kitchen, but stay tuned, I THINK I have finally made a decision and plan to install.....proooooooooobably after the holidays.

Happy Monday!!

- D

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