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Vintage + Made Fair

Hi friends! Whew! It feels like I have been operating at top speed lately, which is a good problem to have, just gotta keep up, right?

This past weekend I had time to slow down for a bit but still take in some beautiful and inspiring home decor and hand made items at the Vintage and Made Fair in West Des Moines.

Look how perfect that welcome sign is! Don't you just love it?! I super do. This sale was so. Much. Fun. 1) It was full of antiques, junkery, and gorgeous handmade works. 2) It was outside and the weather was perfection. Need I say more? Oh yes, there were food trucks, ice cream, cupcakes, pizza, tacos. All delish.

I love all of the different hand made items in this booth and am absolutely swooning over the doily banners and framed doilies. I have this thing for doilies. They are so beautiful and intricate and have so much detail and can transition in several different ways to fit into various styles. I *did* try crocheting one once, not for the faint of heart, it was quite the ordeal and let's say, I "didn't have time to finish it".....aka I gave up. The people that can make those beauties must be magical.

These. Wood. Pillars. You guys, these are so beautiful. I love the varying heights, textures, colors grains, you name it. The only problem, is I am fairly certain I would need all eleventy hundred of them.....which, is that really even a problem? Probably not.

I fell in love with all of the adorably painted quotes and images at the V+M sale. I particularly loved this one, "I am unable to quite as I am currently too legit" for both nostalgia, and because I once cross stitched it for a friend.

So many very lovely things to be found at this booth too, like all of them really. Here I was dying for those wood lanterns, the produce sign, the chair and the ball jar vase. And that is just in this picture you guys! It was serious trouble.

This booth, was maybe one of my favorites. For the obvious "I can't adult today" (duh), that wonderful plant stand, all of the baskets and the fact that they had an adorable little vintage camper with more gorgeous wares inside.

And here they are! The inside of this trailer was so perfect.

This booth, again, so many great things. Namely that "get naked" sign I am dying to put into a bathroom. And those perfect rustic arrows.

These pillows are so sweet and hand made by the shop owners. I love the fonts the use and the fabric was perfect! Don't even get me started on those book letters in the right there. I die.

I told you there were some wonderful painted quotes. I had a hard time picking a fave, so it might just be all of them!

That chair. The mountain print. The signage in general. Guh! This place was where the pillows and book letters were, and was also dreamy and wonderful.

I fell absolutely in love with this table. If it has gold legs, I love it. Slap a color on the rest and boom, I'm there.

Well that's pretty much it. Obviously I was over the moon to be here and it was chock full of great finds. If you can, I highly recommend going next year!

Toodle-oo friends!

- D

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