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eDesign Digital Packages

{::} eDesign is an affordable, convenient way to access interior design services. The process can be done simply through email with images. I can provide my clients with a detailed floorplan, a digital mood board and a list of items to purchase within 4-6 weeks of our intial consultation.  Once I have provided the design package and list of items suggested, it is then up to the client to set the timeline and install at their liesure. I will also be available for quetions along the way should issues arrise, items be discontinued or the client simply feels the need to tweak the design once it has been implimented. 


{::} Great design is fun and achievable, just shoot me an email or contact me through Facebook to get started!


{ A $25 intial consultation fee will be applied towards the project price }

{$250 per room}


Each Digital Package Design will include:


- A detailed floorplan with new/existing items


A digital design board outlining the new space


- A list of items with sources to create the design


- Suggested paint colors


- One round of alterations after design is installed



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