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{Friday Finds}

Happy Friday everybody!!

I hope yours is starting out better than mine. I am super pooped after quite literally being up all night with sick boys. Not. Fun. Why don't kids seem to understand that sleeping makes you better? Punks.

Anywho, I'm here to get some {Friday Finds} up and around for you. We'll see if I can figure out how to post more than one picture. I'm taking bets! (Update: I did not figure out how to add more than one picture, so I just put them all in one image file. Rats.)

First off the bed frame, is in great shape, and beautifully Jenny Lind-esque. It would make a great DIY if you wanted to paint it white for a kid's or guest room. I found this gem at the Stuff Etc in Ankeny. I hope it finds a great home!

These two rugs were at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Des Moines. They are both super versatile and would be a great addition to warm up a room. They have racks and racks of great rugs there. So if you're looking, be sure to check them out, they are all priced really well.

The wooden candle sets I found at Stuff Etc were a huge internal debate for me. I reaaaallllly wanted to take them home and make them mine forever. But ultimately I was the bigger woman, and left them behind for some other lucky person. The "S" curve stand would look stunning as a centerpiece (holiday tables anyone??) or equally as lovely on a mantle.

This. Clock. Another struggle on whether or not I needed to call it my own. I love the blue face and the large roman numerals. It is a pretty substantially sized clock too, it was just great.

So there you have it, {Friday Finds} for the week. If you find anything you think is neat and want to share, feel free to shoot me a picture. Or if you find something that you think might have some DIY potential and want to share or pick my brain, send that my way too!!

Best Wishes!

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