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Modern Rustic

Oh HAI there, guys!! Long time no....jam a bunch of words at you. Sorta sorry about that. Things have been busy, good busy, both with life and work, so, as you know, the 'ol bloggity blog takes a back seat. But I'll dust 'er off for ya today.

Summer got busy at the end, as it always does, and the Hub Cap and I went on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and it was absolutely amazing. I have been pretty much throwing an internal tantrum to not have to go back to the real world, but I've been back for a month now, so I guess I have to buck all the way up and do like, stuff.

Once upon time, I did a post on the DSM Home Show for this year, it was intended to be a part 1 of 2. I have pictures and everything to write up the post, but now it feels like ages ago and is not so relevant any more. But you just let me know if you want to hear about it and I will be happy to show you pictures and say things about them.

Today, I am going to share some pictures of a project I have been working on this summer with some wonderful clients. The project is not a hundo percent done yet, but I can share some pictures with you guys today about it, it has been super fun to work on.

So the clients were doing a full interior remodel due to a very unfortunate house fire. Thankfully no one was injured, but the interior of the home was quite damaged and needed to be gutted and redone completely. Thankfully, these clients had the best possible outlook they could have in the situation, they saw it as an opportunity to make the home what they wanted and understood that in some cases that might mean an upgrade on price, but the motto was "If we're going to do it, let's do it right." It is so rare to work with clients that understand that to get the nicer materials and products, sometimes you have to be willing to spend more than bottom dollar. Now, that's not to say that we went nuts and made it rain everywhere we went, it was just refreshing to work with clients who understood that concept.

They definitely have a clean, modern style in many ways, but also loved some of the richness and depth of a more rustic style. We found a really great, polished way to marry the two styles to create a decor that suited them.

Using clean graphic prints with nice contrast and some pops of bold colors, we kept the modern components of the design in the forefront. We brought in rustic touches with rivets in the sofas, gray-washed wood floors, and other decorative details I don't have pictures yet. The profiles in the light fixtures were key too, keeping clean lines married with those rustic materials or clean materials with rustic details, such as the island lights and the vanity lights (images to come on the latter).

We kept the kitchen open and airy with white cabinets on the perimeter and added a contrasting island for a pop of color and richness. The stain on the island cabinets is a newer stain by Marquis Cabinets, called Stone, and it was perfect for this house. We wanted to combine their modern style with some rustic detail, and the stone finish has a tinge of a gray-wash to it, which was perfection. We pulled out the gray in the island with a simple gray subway tile backsplash. It was the perfect compliment to both the modern and rustic styles we were trying to meld.

To keep the perimeter crisp and white, along with white cabinets, we used a white Quartz countertop. Adding glass panels to a few key cabinets also helped to keep the cabinets feeling light and airy.

We used a metallic gray undermount composite sink to repeat the gray in the backsplash. Brushed stainless fixtures and hardware also maintain the bright and crisp palette we were going for in the kitchen. In other areas we opted to use light fixtures with darker more rustic materials to repeat that theme. (Images of those components to come later as well).

We used one main, warm gray paint color throughout the lower level with a few key walls accented with a saturated navy blue to tie the main living spaces together. I love the way the white fireplace trim pops against the navy in the Family Room. We also used a gorgeous 3 blade fan in this space that looks sort of like a wooden propeller, so perfect.

See what I mean about the white popping against the blue? It's such great contrast and ties so well to the central modern scheme of the home. And don't even get me started on that tile! It pulls the whites and grays all in a great variety of textures with glass, ceramic and stone mixed together.

They have an adorable little girl and I love how her little green chair ties in to the accent fabrics on the side chair and pillows. Even the bright blue slide is almost in the right color family. I also love showing the space how they use it, for their whole family. We're not done accessorizing yet, obviously there's not artwork up, but they are fairly settled in and have the space set up to accommodate everyone who uses it.

Well, that's all I have on this fun project for now. After we wrap a few details up and the dining furniture comes in, I will take more pictures to share with you. I just wanted to give you a peak of one of the projects I have been working on.


- D

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