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Neutral Serene Living Room

Hey Guys!

I have gotten a few recent requests to do more mood boards again, so imma do that! The look I am going to talk about this week is how to create a neutral, serene living space.

This is a space I created for a submission I did on Laurel + Wolf. The client was looking to work with a dark gray sectional they already owned to create a bright, airy and serene space.

(Via: 1. Sofa | 2. Pillow | 3. Rug | 4. Planter )

Pulling in elements that tie into the dark sofa such as the rug, pillow, planter and other components, grounds that piece into the space.

Keeping the paint color light and incorporating a neutral palette into the accent pieces helps to obviously keep the space airy and bright. The light background color and pattern in the curtains, rug and other accents like the pillows helps to achieve this.

(Via: Curtains)

To keep the space from feeling too one dimensional and dull, it is key to have a few levels of texture. The rug in this space, the wood frames and shelving and antlers all bring that to the table. As well as the coffee table itself! (Ha! I'm so funny)

(Via: 1. Frames | 2. Antlers | 3. Shelf | 4. Table)

Another key detail to give the space some depth, is to bring in a couple pops of accent colors. In this particular scheme, to maintain the bright and airy atmosphere, it is best to use fairly soft colors, so here I used mainly soft blues and yellows.

(Via: 1. Chair | 2. Yellow Pillow | 3. Lamps | 4. Pattern Pillow)

Well, there you have it folks, a few brief thoughts on making a neutral and serene space working around a dark anchor piece. Hope you liked it!

I'm out! *smooches*

Later gators!

- D

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