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Holiday {Friday Finds}

Happy Friday Everybody!

I am not sure about you, but my day has been a doozy. Probably just the least cooperative. We got some freezing rain over night, which led to icy roads and a 2 hour late start for Mr. Pants this morning. I know that sounds like a good thing, and sleeping in an extra 45 minutes, sure was grand. But let me tell you, even though we had extra time, plenty, since I didn't sleep an extra two hours, as one would expect, we were still running behind this morning. It just put me off the whole day! AND it was gloomy out, which made everything feel much earlier in the day than it really was. So I was sitting at my desk and it hit me, that I hadn't done the {Friday} Finds today!

Obviously Christmas is next week, so this seems like a good time, if not a little late, to do a Holiday {Friday Finds}.

The accessories in this week's post are from The Attic here in Ankeny and that gorgeous red chair is from my usual hunting grounds, Stuff Etc.

1. This tree could be suited to fit either a more transitional "country" style with some cute ornaments in that style. You could also paint it a bright modern color and hang some cleaner ornaments on there. It would also make a really cute stocking hanger for homes without mantles.

2. I LOVED this Pottery Barn serving tray. It is so sweet, and conveys a sense of the holiday without being your traditional color palette.

3. This "Merry Chr