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{Friday Finds}

Happy Friday guys!!!

I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been good, cold and pretty productive. I had a furniture installation this week and a meeting to discuss draperies. I know that draperies can really add a lot to a space and are an important element. Sometimes, with the bulk of my experience being in commercial design, I get overwhelmed by allllllll of the endless options. Thankfully I am working with a very helpful and patient seamstress. We sat down and talked through the house and it's various spaces to come up with a really nice plan, and I thanked her profusely for her patience.

Yesterday I spent the day with mah BFF for her birthday and we piddled around Target. And I thought to myself, "Self, you haven't done {Friday Finds} from Target yet, and where do people shop like 98% of the time? Oh, at Target!" So I, against my will (har har har), wandered around Target for a good chunk of time to snap pictures of some pretty sweet stuff. And let me tell you, it was HARD (again, the laughing). Target is pretty much one of my most favorite places in the history of ever, so this was great.

Let's get into it.

1. I. Love. These. Baskets. They are so simple and so timeless that they will look good pretty much forever in any place you put them. They would be great as a basket to stash supplies in in the bathroom, as an accessory holder in a living space, you name it. They are great.

2. There are so many types and styles of fruit baskets you can find to set on the counter in your kitchen or on the table, but I really like this copper one. The use of copper for the material is a refreshing change as well as the pattern the wire is bent into.

3. Floor poufs are always great. I love the fun flair they add to a space and the duality of being an ottoman or sometimes additional seating. And if you have kids, they are just something magical to them, so it's like a bonus feature!

4. Maybe it is because I am anxious for spring and all things summer after all of this cold, but I am loving little wicker accents lately. This little stool is a great find at a great price.

5. These lamps, I die. I love the intricate cut out patterns in the ceramic and the basic white color. They are so clean and simple and yet add so much detail to a space.

6. I love things in sets of three, just in general, it's always my favorite. Given the proper proportion, it gives the best sense of balance and harmony. These mirrors are such a nice rich deep brown and with that little touch of gold detail, are a great addition to bring a little life to some blank wall space.

7. I love this Euro size pillow. There is a complete bedding set to go with it, and I love the whole thing. It gives such a light, airy, soothing feeling to a bedroom, I think it is just perfect.

Well that is it for this week's {Friday Finds}. Thanks for checking them out and let me know what you think of the finds I come across at box stores vs. local and used stores. I really enjoy looking for both, but would love your opinions.

Happy Friday!!!

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