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{Loving} it Lately - Dad Style (I'm late don't judge me)

Happy Tuesday!!

So for this week's {Loving} it Lately, I'm looking at things to appeal to the dads out there. Man cave friendly items. See up there in the title of this post, where I said "I'm late don't judge me"? Well, I'm late, so don't judge me, kay? Thanks!!

I had a hard time narrowing some of the wall art down for this post, because c'mon, it's just so FUN! And if you know me, you know I love moustaches, like, at absurd amount. I kind of wish I could grow facial hair so that I could style it all the ways ever. What? Don't look at me like that. Don't say you haven't thought of it!

Aaaaaaaaaany whoooooooo......

1. Right?! I love this piece. And really, everybody should know about the best moustache wax! It is just common courtesy, really, if you think about it.

2. This industrial pendant would be a nice, simple light fixture in a man cave or any man space. Super clean and doesn't distract from all of the other sweet stuff going on in there.