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Holiday Finds

Happy Saturday, all!!

So given my last few posts, you would expect a kitchen update, and it's coming, I swear. Once we got up and functional, life shifted to moving into the kitchen, finding "forever homes" for all of my pots, pans, dishes and utensils, figuring out why the oven didn't work (that was scary!), among other things. SO I haven't gotten around to a more current post on the kitchen, sorryyy. But soon dear friends, soon. And in all honesty, we still have things to wrap up.

Anywho. This post is more holiday oriented, and random, because that's how I live my life, you should know this by now. I paid a long overdue visit to The Attic in Ankeny and as always, fell in love with everything!


I just truly love that store. It always has such a great collection of items in assorted styles.

{1} I really like some of the details of this fireplace. The burlap sign is sweet and simple and perfect with the stocking. I really like the collection of candles on stands as well, most likely ON the mantle or IN the fireplace. Either way, I always love the depth you get with a cluster of stands in varying heights. I also really love the chairs and pillows flanking this fireplace, in general.

{2} This desk. It is just. So. Great. I believe it is by Pottery Barn if you are looking for it in the real world. It is clean, simple and allows for ample storage. Bonus points, it is standing height! I love everything about it.

{3} The pillows are what I was going for in the third picture. The high contrast geometric pattern is great for year round. The concept of a bold pillow like this is also a great way to bring color into your home for assorted holidays. Simple!

{4} I really love the fabric that these stools were reupholstered with. The bones of the stools are clean and transitional, you could really take them several directions. I like that the fabric makes them a little more bold.

{5} I love these signs. They are really versatile. You can use them in almost any decor style for the holidays. You can keep them clean and simple, leaning more contemporary, or you can add pieces that are more traditional and give it a country/cottage feel. They are great.

I hope you guys have been and are doing well. I have been both well and busy, which is great, albeit overwhelming at times. I have some exciting projects and partnerships on the forefront. I am also in the midst of wrapping up my long term large project, and beginning a new one. The transition is simultaneously exciting and sad. I love getting to know my new clients, and I am missing the more regular presence of my clients from the project that is winding down.

There are some new business relationships in the works as well. I will update you on those as details unfold.

~*Happy Holidays*~

- D

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