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2016 Trends

Howdy, Friends!! I hope your New Year celebration was fun and safe! We were wild over here, let me tell you. I managed to stay up until midnight, which was pretty impressive. Then I promptly went to bed. It was magical. I just love sleep so much, you guys. It's my favorite.

Naturally, now that we are starting a new year, trends are being forecasted all over the place, if you recall my last post, I talked about the Pantone colors for 2016. This week I want to share some of my favorite forecasts from Houzz's post on the 25 trends they anticipate will be popular this year. It would be a mighty long post if I went over each and every one, so I am just going to address some of my favorites, but please click through to their site and let me know what you think of the trends I am not covering.

I thought I was going to have a hard time narrowing my favorites down from Houzz's list, but then the internet helped me. I had a difficult time finding images I could use for some of the trends, so here you have my faves that I could also get pictures for! Yay!

Wallcovering in the bathrooms, now yes, I have talked about how great and fun this is, and it is obviously true, because Houzz agrees, guys.

This fun design detail is often more commen in a half bath, or powder room, but as shown here you can pull of using a nice large scale in a full bath beautifully too. I love the fun you can add to a bathroom with a wallcovering, and I think because it has been misused in the past and hasn't been as popular, it can be a fun surprise for your guests. I also like wallpaper in the bathroom functionally, when you use a vinyl wall covering. It is easy to wipe down and clean, I do recommend avoiding a true wallPAPER in a bathroom if you can, especially in a full bath. You can use a paper in a half bath much easier.

Mismatched kitchen cabinets, again I have talked about these before as well, and I think they are fabulous.

(My Work)

A contrasting island has been popular for a while now and I mentioned last year that the two tone contrasting cabinets would pick up some speed, and again Houzz agrees! I love seeing mismatched cabinets used in a kitchen. It gives flexibility to play around a little without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone and to use darker or bolder colors in your cabinetry without getting too heavy.

Exterior fabrics moving indoors is another trend I am excited to see and am also implimenting in a current project.

Indoor/outdoor fabrics have come a great distance in style and hand, and are making their way indoors. The transition is happening most in high traffic areas and areas with high sun exposure. I am working with a current client where we are looking to do just that. We will be upholstering the cushion in the banquette seating area, barstools and accent chairs in the great room all in exterior fabrics to protect them from just those issues.

Large format tile has started to pick up some momentum in the last year, but it is looking to really pick up steam in 2016.

(My Work)

I have seen and used a larger format tile in several projects, most commonly in bathrooms and showers. I think we will see much more large format tile this year in more areas and in larger sizes. I love the concept above of a large format, probably a 24x48 tile, on a fireplace surround. It provides such a clean backdrop. You could add a chunky wood mantle as well to give the space a more rustic feel. In general I think large format tile will grow in popularity on vertical surfaces as opposed to just horizontal surfaces.

Statement mirrors in bathrooms are also expected to be on trend in 2016.


It is really looking like bathrooms will be a lot of fun to play around with in 2016. I love when bathrooms are highlighted as a feature space in a home. It can really be a fun surprise to your guests and the added detail makes the space something really special for your own use every day.

Bathrooms that feel like living rooms are the last trend I am going to talk a little about today.


Again, it really looks like bathrooms are going to get a lot of attention this year, but I think it is more coincidental that I chose several bathroom heavy trends to talk about. I love the concept of a bathroom feeling more like a living space in your home. Bathrooms are a space that we all spend a fair amount of time in preparing for or unwinding from the day, why shouldn't it feel more warm and inviting? Throw a fun rug in there or pepper in a few plants to liven the space up and take it from cool and steril to relaxed and cozy. I am excited to see more of this treatment this year.

As I said, I am only discussing six of the trends from Houzz's post for 2016 trends, but please check out their post to see what else they are forecasting for the year and share your thoughts. I think they are spot on for most of them and am excited to see how some of the trends are carried out this year. I love working in a creative field that is saturated with different perspectives on ideas, I think it is fascinating and promotes constant growth and change.

Well that is all I have on these trends for now. I have several thoughts on the other trends, so please let me know if you want to hear them!! I can't wait to see what other trends are predicted to be on fleek this year. 2015 was an incredibly stylish year and I can't wait to see what 2016 has to bring to the table!


- D


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