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Industrial Chic - Get it (If it's your jam)

Guys, imma be real with you. Blogging is a lot of work, I never expected it to be easy by any means, but it's some work. I find I have to talk myself into writing a post each week because sometimes it feels silly. Who am I even talking to? The internet, that's who. It is easy to put on the back burner when I am busy with projects because it often feels pointless. When I can come up with an idea for a post I am excited about, I do genuinely enjoy it, so I will stick with it. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I just needed to share that with the worldwideinterwebs.

This week I want to introduce a "Get the Look" post concept that I will try to do more often. And if you have looks you want to see on here, please share them, I love writing in response to your thoughts!

Get the Look {::} Industrial Chic

Farmhouse Chic has been popular for some time now and you see it everywhere. Industrial Chic has been on the rise lately and there are all sorts of designporn images out there of dreamy spaces working this look hard. So if you find yourself swooning over those lusty rooms, keep reading friends.

In many spaces you will see industrial architectural elments that lend themselves perfectly to the style, such as the exposed brick wall, tall wrought iron windows and distressed wood floor in the image above. These details do go far to give you the look, but aren't necessarily required. By keeping your key components neutral, i.e. paint, flooring, larger furnishings, you can still achieve the style in your space.

Aside from the exposed brick, and neutral colors, the main key element to attaining this style is a combination of wood and metal. To be more indsutrial with the look, it is better to keep the metal black/iron in nature. Switching to the gold/brass metal that is also really popular right now brings the look a little more mid/mod or contemporary.

(Via : 1. Etagere : 2. End Table : 3. Floor Lamp : 4. Nesting Tables : 5. Shelf : 6. Coffee Table)

With so much, black, white, gray and wood going on, it is always smart to bring in just a touch of warmth. I like to do this with a warm brown leather component. It could be a floor pouf, pillows, lampshades, a chair, you name it. Adding in that touch of warmth to the otherwise cool space keeps it from feeling too sterile and cold. Using a warm brown leather to do this also maintains that "keep key components neutral" rule of thumb, and sometimes introduces a new texture.

This chair lends itself particularly well to this style with it's black metal, open-leg base, tying it in well to the other components in the space.

So keeping the key components neutral is essential to achieving the Industrial look, but you still want to throw some color in there with accessories so that the space isn't too bland.

(Via : 1. Orange Pillow : 2. Color Block Pillow : 3. Rug : 4. Throw : 5. Blue Lumbar)

I like to keep the pops of color to a minimum, and make sure they are pretty bold. Since you are only peppering a few in there, you want them to really make an impact. I often try to stick to pretty saturated primary or secondary colors to keep it simple.

When selecting your accessories, it is key to go with a couple of bold pieces and keep a good majority of them in the neutral spectrum, so the space does not become too busy. However, when you add in your neutral pieces, you can play with texture to give the space some depth and interest.

Switching your texture up with the neutral accessories isn't necessary, but it sure is fun, so I suggest it. In a space of mostly neutral elements, you need to play around a little more than just a few pops of color.

That is the jist of the less intensive way of incorporating this look into your space. It you stumble across a great space that has those architectural components or are doing new construction where that may be an option, go nuts. But for those of us with more standard homes, you can still work that look into your spaces. If you have a few DIY bones in your body, there are also some great options out there to DIY your own industrial shelving, lighting, tables, just decor in general. If you do it, please share! I would love to see it!

As always, please feel free to request looks, topics, hairstyles (I'd do it), whatever you would like to hear my thoughts on. I am always happy to respond to your requests.

Later Gators!

- D

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