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Industrial Chic - Get it (If it's your jam)

Guys, imma be real with you. Blogging is a lot of work, I never expected it to be easy by any means, but it's some work. I find I have to talk myself into writing a post each week because sometimes it feels silly. Who am I even talking to? The internet, that's who. It is easy to put on the back burner when I am busy with projects because it often feels pointless. When I can come up with an idea for a post I am excited about, I do genuinely enjoy it, so I will stick with it. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I just needed to share that with the worldwideinterwebs.

This week I want to introduce a "Get the Look" post concept that I will try to do more often. And if you have looks you want to see on here, please share them, I love writing in response to your thoughts!

Get the Look {::} Industrial Chic