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Love Day Decor

I know what you're saying, and I realize Valentine's Day is just a few days away now, so it's unlikely that you'll be scrambling to swap out any decor in your home for the last couple of days. But in the event that you do want to make your home a teensy more festive but not too over the top, and maybe have some pieces you can keep around comfortably for a few days after because they aren't barfing hearts all over the place, then I have some ideas for you.

As I said with decor around Christmas time, I prefer to use the "holiday color" as my main decor component. It keeps it subtle but still throws a gentle nod in the direction of the holiday. Now, that being said, those of you who know me and have been to my home, know that my house DOES kind of throw up Christmas. What can I say? I love it. But once the holiday is over, I like to keep a few pieces around in the color of the holiday just to keep it festive.

So the main colors associated with Valentine's Day arepretty obviously red, white and pink. I am focusing on red and white in this post to keep it simple and mostly subtle. Starting small, you can easily throw a few pillows around with red, white, hearts, flowers etc on them to get the mood going for the holiday and there are eleventy billion options out there.

You can find a nice red pillow just about anywhere, and in a wide variety of simplistic and detaild styles. I like the texture the pintuck pillow pictured here has, adding a little depth to the simplicity of the plain red color. If you want the red but want to go a little more romantic in style, you can use a fun floral pillow as shown above. It would look great paired with a combination of red, white pink and maybe some metallic pillows if you want to go pillow crazy. And of course you have the option of going with hearts on the pillow or even a heart shaped pillow if you are so inclined. I really like the graphic simplicity of the one shown here, so you can say "Yeah that's my Valentine's pillow" without having it spew the holiday all over. Which is also fine too, but if you are going for subtlty, this one is a good choice.

Another simple decor element to toss into a room is a throw blanket. See what I did there? I'm so funny, if you get it ten points to you. If not, we can still be friends, but just forgive my humor. Blankets are a fun, simple and this time of year, perfectly cozy way to add some color and texture to a room.

Again with the subtle nod to the holiday color scheme, the chevron throw above works really well. The pattern is classic and the color combo is what we're looking for. If you went red heavy with other elements in the room you could toss a chic faux fir throw in the room to contrast the bold reds. This is such a classic piece that you could have it year round and obviously it would always look fabulous. And just think of how warm and snuggly it is, perfection. If you aren't so red heavy with your other elements, you can go with something like the nice sherpa lined red faux fir blanket shown. Again, the color combo is on pionte with what we are looking at and double bonus, you can pull that baby back out at Christmas. If you are always cold like I am, you can't go wrong with having some stylish blanekts around the house.

Art is another fun and simple decor piece to style for the holiday. It is generally easy to swap out and swap back in once you are done with your seasonal pieces. If you take size and scale into consideration you can simply take an year round piece down and replace it with a holiday specific piece.

The pieces I have chosen to show here, are again, easy to keep up year round but also work really well to convey the spirit of the Valentine's theme. If you don't feel like switching out a year round piece, you can simply restyle a surface area, i.e. side table, console, sofa table, shelf, etc., to include a proped up seasonal piece. Artwork can be really fun and simple to play around with!

Vases are another fun element to seasonally decorate with as well. Especially for 'ol Vday if you or your significant other fancy flowers. They can be styled easily and anywhere. In fact, I am willing to bet you probably already have some great vases stashed somewhere in your house that could be dusted off and staged onto a table or bookshelf.

I am a firm believer in a neutral vase, allowing the contents to be the focal point. You can pop a flower of any color into a clear, white or metallic vase and viola!, you're festive! I love the quirky shapes and compact sizes of the bud vases shown above. The intriguing abnormalities add some depth and interest to the neutral pieces. The wood and white vase shown is a simple, and clean piece, lending itself slightly more to the contemporary style. Mercury glass can work well in virtually any style and I just love the shape of the one I am shownig here.

Stools and poufs can be really fun to add to a space. These however, are often more likely to stick around for the better part of the year. Though they do work well to pop in a bit of extra seasonal color, they don't have to be holiday specific. It is the other details in the space that can make pieces throughout the space in the same or similar color come together to create the theme.

A simple red stool can work in several styles, pulling extra weight around Christmas and Valentine's to bring in that pop of red. This particular one does even more work being a storage ottoman, so you stuff those throws and pillows in there when you don't need them out, jackpot. The addition of the gold on the base of the Moroccan stool shown, tones down the blaring red to make this piece tansfer easily into your every day decor but the pop or red also ties in well to the other elements you may throw into a space this time of year. And the rose pouf, c'mon, I had to throw it in there. How perfectly romantic for a VDay accent? If you have the right style going in your home, this could work well year round as well. The texture and the bold style of this guy really make it a fun conversation piece.

Lastly, you can swap lamps around, if you really want to get the red thrown in. Or even if you were to keep the main components of your space neutral and pop in red lamps, it could be a really different, dramatic look.

I LOVE the texture in the shade of the first lamp shown. I think it adds a lot of depth and interest to the piece. Not to mention the fun squatty shape of the base in proportion to the height of the shade. This piece would be a good option in a primarily neutral space for dramatic effect. The red lamp with the white shade is a more basic shape and style, it could easily be worked into most spaces. The crystals within the drum shade of the last lamp shown add a nice level of romantic flare, just appropriate for this particular holiday.

Well thanks for sticking with me. I think I am finally wrapped up on this guy. If you are still looking to add some Valentine jazz to your home, I hope this post has sparked some ideas for you, and if so, please feel free to share them!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

- D

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