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Welcome friends!

I will start this post off with a warning: I have never blogged before, and am intimidated to keep up with it. There, now that's out there. Whew. So now you know. Well I promise to try my best to keep the posts-a-rollin, but I'll need you to bear with me a little.

My days are generally pretty busy chasing a toddler around, seeing after a 7 year old and running my own interior design busines. I am very fortunate to be able to do my business out of my home so that I can spend loads of time with my two loving, energeitc boys, while still pursuing my passion for design.

That being said, onto the interesting portion of the post! I have decided to start offering mood boards for those who either have an idea of what they want and need a little nudge or just need a jumping off point.

Here is the break down on this living room board:

{1} For this space we went with a neutral base paint and two darker neutral accent walls to ground it. (Sherwin Williams Gray Screen SW7071, Software SW7074 and Stone Lion SW7507). {2} With the paint being predominantly gray, we thought it best to use a contrast of white and brighter colors with the art to lighten and brighten up the space. (here, here, here, here and here). {3} The colors in the pattern of this accent chair pull several elements in the space together. (here). {4} Sticking with the white base concept for the lamp shade, this pattern was a fun tie into some of the artwork. (here and here). {5} Rich wood floors will really warm up the space. {6} This area rug maintains the neutral colors in the rest of the space, but pulls in a pop of the teal and other accents. (here). {7} A warm neutral sofa ground the space and keeps it versatile to adjust as the need arises. (here).

Well that's all I have. Let me know if you have questions or want a mood board of your very own!

Best Wishes!

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