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Add a Little Happiness to Your Home

Hi there, Friends! I wanted to do this post a little more towards the middle of the cold, cold winter, but this winter has been pretty mild. Then it tricked us by getting unseasonably warm and then cold again. So, even though it is really not too bad for the season, it feels like a tundra out there now. Making this post seem a little more appropriate to bring some happiness into my cold, sad life.

Now, it is entirely possible, that I may be exaggerating some, but we'll never know! Whether it's cold or warm or sweltering or perfect, who doesn't want a little extra happiness in their home?! You know you do, and I'm here to give you some tips to help get it in there, (that's what she said, har har har). Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Ok, growing up and moving onto the post.

Some people find joy in adding seasonal or holiday decor, especially this time of year. Flowers and plants in general, be they real or fake, are another great touch to bring some happiness into a space. There are several ways you can add a little happiness here and there around your home, some more permanent and some temporary. A few suggestions that I want to touch on today to bring some happiness into your space are; color, pattern, humor and art.

Color, can have huge impact in our lives, whether or not you notice it. Color can easily affect your mood, your energy level, your appetite, your comfort level. Most emotions can be connected in some way to it. Color theory is a really fun topic to delve into, so perhaps another time. Having bold colors, or just colors that you really love, in a few dedicated areas of your home is a great way to break up what can often become a stale environment. You get used to seeing your home every day, and a shock of color breaks up your train of thought.

Artwork is a very simple way to add bold pops of color. I love the impact it can have in a space. We lived in our house for well over a year before we actually put any arwork up, which is embarassing, since I am a designer. After we got some pieces up on the walls, it had a substantial impact and I can't imagine how we ever lived without it. A bold color on a door or a rug is another great way to add some color without going crazy or signing up for something you may be stuck with for a while. Popping a little color in unexpected areas, like the legs on the table shown above is another fun, whimsical way to throw some color in. These are all little commitment with big impact. You can also go big and do a bold color on a wallcovering in an area of your home that will really break up your spaces.

(Via: 1. Patterned Tile : 2. Patterned Sink : 3. Rug : 4.Pillows)

Patterns are another great way to throw a little variety into your home and bring a little warmth to your soul. This concept of adding color in fun and bold ways is taken a little further and a little differently with what I am suggesting in patterns. And again, you can go commitment free or whole go hog on this concept as well. Pattern can be used to make a space or a detail within a space feel special and bring you that warm sense of happiness. The first example here, is something that is (or will be) on trend this year, patterned tile. I am in love with it and currently obsessed with and looking for a project to use a gorgeous patterned hex tile in. It can be a bold, colorful pattern, or if that neutral, serene look speaks to you, softer color palettes are available in patterned tiles too. Another fun and sometimes surprising way to add pattern and a bit of joy into a space is a pattern in a sink. This is another detail I really love, as well as that sink up there, in general. Again, you can go bright and bold with your pattern, or use a subtle, neutral pattern to add a softer detail. If soft and neutral is your jam in general, adding small pops of pattern, be they colorful for high contrast, as the rug I am showing above or still neutral, like the pillows shown, there are plenty of options available.

One of my personal favorite means of adding happiness to your space is with humor. I love me some witty decor and there are so many great options out there. I would consider the dinosaur tissue holder shown above, but am also fairly certain my boys might take that as an invitation to shred the toilet paper, or see if the dino can swim, so decorate with caution here. Find something that tickles your funny bone, be it a quote, a picture, an inside joke and make or have it made into a piece of decor in your home. Display that sucker prominently to give yourself a chuckle every day. Or tuck it into your bathroom for a pick me up first thing in the morning.

The last decor element I want to touch on is a little DIY. You don't have to consider yourself artistically gifted or craftily inclined to create something that makes you happy. The simple fact that you created something and display it should bring joy to your face and your space. Check out my mad rhymes. I am really good at this.

The first DIY I am showing is a colorful configuration of paint samples. The second is created by taping off a pattern and applying some spray paint. The third is even easier, just take duct tape (or washi tape for some added flair) in colors you like and create a pattern. I love the last DIY I am showing here, creating a multi-panel canvas art piece simply with modge podge, a large map (or two to line up countries) and some canvases. Having someting you created, that is special to you, in your home should easily bring some happiness to the space you display it in, whatever room that is.

Those are all the topics I wanted to touch on today, but there are so many more options out there to bring a little joy and happiness into your home, be it on a cold dreary day or a crisp spring day. Find what speaks to you and make it happen.

Later Babes,

- D

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