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Vibrant {Mood} Board

Happy Thursday!!

Sorry I missed {Friday Finds} last week! I have some great ones to put up, but I was busy preparing for a Super Mario themed 7 year old's birthday party. Someone in our house is a fan. We had a great party, but I was sure happy to be done with that weekend, it took a lot of energy to set that all up. Anyway, excuses excuses, I should have gotten around to a post, so super sorry.

I have been pretty busy this week too, not with the fun and sleep deprevation of a birthday party, but real, actual work work. I got some furniture ordered for one client, and had a meeting with another to finalize their furnishings. I also priced out some blinds and worked on some CAD drawings. See what I mean? Busy week and that was before it was half over!

With all of that going on, I did find some time to make a new mood board for you guys. This one, has a few items that are close to my heart. I have longed for a few pieces on this board for years, literally years. I think I have a problem.

1. Paint Colors: For this board I want to use a gray and a teal as the neutral and primary colors with accents in the light blue and purple; here, here, here and here.

2. I love the patterns and simple color in this three panel art set to tie into the chair and the vibrant colors and gorgeous details in the circular art piece really tie the room together. The circular art piece is one of the pieces in this board I have dreampt of putting in my own home.

3. This chair is another piece I have loved for a long time. I love the simple fabric on the chair, but as you inspect closer, the buttons in the tufting are different colors and fabrics. It makes for such a fun and delightful detail.

4. I love the way this two panel art set ties in with the color pallet in the room. Here and here.

5. This pendant is the last piece I have lusted after for a long time. I have visions of this haning above my dining table. In this space, I love the pop of teal on the inside to pull with the paint and other accents, combined with the cool metal finish on the outside to keep it simple and clean. The punched details are a perfect finish.

6. I love the way the flowers on this rug emulate the circles in the large art piece. And the colors are a perfect way to pull all of the various pieces in the room together. The dark brown background really grounds the space.

7. The clean, industrial lines and materials in these tables are a perfect contrast to the space, keeping things a little more ecclectic and contemporary.

8. Where do I start? I LOVE this sectional. It has great bones, and the perfect contemporary profile. I adore the orange with the dominant gray and turquoise paint colors. I would throw this peacock colored pillow on it, in place of the ones that come with the set.

Well there you have it folks. A super fun, bright vibrant mood board. If any of you out there take a que from any of my mood boards, I would love to see pictures!

Best Wishes!

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