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{Friday} Finds

Happy BLACK Friday Friends!!

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones, I know I did. We had lunch at my sister's house, and I got to see a very dear aunt that I haven't seen in years. And the food, oh the food. Naturally we had turkey, but the men (insert grunting) had steak, and of course the rest of the traditional delicious trimmings. I was perfectly full when I was done with lunch, which meant exactly enough room for pie. That way, I would feel properly stuffed and ready to explode. I think that's the reason for the Thanksgiving season, regretting everything you just ate.

Those beautiful mental images aside, it's time for....duh da daaaaaaaaa!!!! {Friday} Finds. I found scads of great things, but did a bad job of remembering to take pictures....oops, sorry.

1. This sofa has really great, clean lines. The fabric isn't ideal, but it would make for a fun DIY project!

2. I love so many things about this candle holder. It is such a great piece, imagine the styling possibities for holidays. Even on your run of the mill Tuesday, it looks great.

3. This pair of candle holders is a bit more transitional and would look great in a number of places as well as styled for assorted holidays.

4. There were two of these paper lanterns at Stuff Etc, in Ankeny. I think that they would make a really great addition and source for some soft lighting in any space.

5. The faux Thonet chairs are really what this set is all about, they are in great shape and are such a classic that you can't really go wrong.

6. I had to stop myself from taking this end table home. It's clean mid century lines and the great shape it was in make it a steal.

7. This. Dresser. Is. Gorgeous. And 50% off!!! I don't think I need to say more, but I will. It is a stunning mid century dresser with mirror in nice shape, and if I had a place to put it, I would have lugged this baby home on my back.

Well that is all I have for this time around folks. Look for some holiday {Friday} Finds in the coming weeks. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Safe shopping and happy holidays friends!!

Best Wishes.

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