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Modern Office {Mood} Board

Happy Monday!!!

I know I usually post {Mood} Boards on Thursday, but surprise! I was throwing this together for a client to have as a reference for what I am envisioning for the remodel we are doing on their space, and thought it would be a nice reference for you guys to see a corporate environment. The blue paint color is an existing color we are wanting to keep but the rest of the elements on this board are all colors and pieces that I selected for their space.

1. Currently they have a rather "muddy" tan/beige in their very open 2-story foyer and throughout many common areas of the building. I think bringing in this soft gray will really brighten things up. The orange will provide a fun and modern pop of color on their logo wall and in other areas as well. Here and here.

2. I love the clean lines on this sconce to carry on the modern feel of the space, and the rectangular shape ties in with the geometric patterns on the fabrics. Here.

3. The simple detail styling on this table will make it a striking accent with the boldly colored furniture pieces.

4. This desking system will be perfect in the office.

5. I wanted to stick with pretty geometric paterns for the fabrics in this space to maintain the techy vibe the client wants.

6. This chair has great, clean lines to keep the style simple, yet make good impact with the bold colored, geometric fabrics.

7. The light blue base of this fabric on the ottomans pulls from each of the other two fabrics with the details in the pattern.

8. I like the way the circular form of this ottoman ties to the table, and keeps things really clean and geometric in the structure of the furniture pieces.

9. The regularity of the pattern, combined with the subtle color accents on this fabric really makes a great impact and relates well to the other elements in the space.

10. I love that this sofa doesn't have any cushion seams on the seat or back to break it up. It keeps the piece simple and clean to allow the fabric to really stand out.

I am really excited to be working on this space. As much as I love doing residential projects, I really love doing commercial too. It is a totally different world, and allows for so many different opportunities. People often ask me if I have a preference between doing residential or commercial design, and the answer is, no, I don't, I really love to do both. I love the variety of styles that I get to work with going between design fields.

Please please share any feedback you have with me, whether you love it, hate it, want to see more of it. I love hearing from you guys.

Take Care!

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