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Jewel {Mood} Board

Happy Thursday guys! Sorry I have been absent from the blog for a few weeks. I have actually been pretty busy! A good problem to have, obviously, but it leaves me with little time to get things a-going on here, so my apologies. I found myself wanting to make a mood board really badly this week, so I made time to get one done. This one was pretty fun to do (they all are, really). I was inspired by the peacock colored sofa, which is such a fun color right now. I love pairing that deep saturated peacock teal with bold, bright colors, so this one may be a bit bright for some of you.

1. The paint colors are pretty simple here, the soft robin's egg blue will read almost as a white, but with just enough color and crispness to brighten the space and make it really airy. The purple is a great rich accent to the peacock sofa and would make a prefect accent wall. Here and here.

2. This mirror has such great detail, and the lighter tones in the wod are really appropriate with the other wooden elements in the space. I love using a lighter wood with such bold colors in the space, it is such great contrast to balance the saturation in the space out.

3. The deep purple in this lamp base really ties in nicely with several elements in the room, and the soft cream shade with the subtle eyelet pattern adds a nice layer of detail.

4. I really like the simplicity of this end table given all of the detail in the other pieces in the room.

5. As with the eyelet lamp shade, the pattern in this coffee table adds nice depth to the space without being too overpowering. And the lighter wood really balances out the deep peacock sofa.

6. The light wooden beads contrasted by the darker metal bands in this chandelier tie into the elements in the rest of the room in a really simple, elegant way.

7. I love the bright citron green in these curtains to play off of the deeply saturated sofa. The ikat pattern relates really well to the pattern in the rug as well.

8. The colors in the artwork really spoke to me for this space, and tied in nicely. Here and here.

9. This would be the peacock sofa that started this board. I love the use of this color in general, but I think it is particularly fun to put into a piece of furniture.

10. The jewel toned purple in this rug was just perfect with the sofa to me. The level of saturation is pretty evenly keeled, which I think will really ground the room.

11. I love love love a bright bold orange with peacock. I have seen (infact I did a mood board for one) spaces that have an orange sofa with peacock paint and I always love it. It's that bright bold color that really livens up the deep saturation in the peacock. This chair was just perfect.

12. The pillows in this space were fun to pick as well. I love mixing botanical and geometric prints together, and the way these pillows pulled colors from the rest of the room was really great to me. Here, here and here.

Well again, this was a fun pretend board to throw together, but please let me know if you are interested in having one of your very own! It's a real thing, that I do, and would love to do for YOU! (imagine the Uncle Sam Wants YOU Poster here please.)

Thanks all!

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