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{Friday Finds}


So I actually got a real live board put together for this week's {Friday Finds}. Look at me go! Next thing you know, I will be a productive, functioning website owner!.....but maybe don't hold your breath ok? Thanks.

So when I was thinking about what I wanted to put together for this week, I thought to myself, "Self, you always find neat *local* things. Which is great, good job there, kuddos for sure. But what about people that don't live where you do? What kind of things can you find for THOSE guys?" It was a pretty great internal conversation, but maybe you had to be there. Present for the conversation or not, it raised a good point. So I found some finds this week on the world wide interwebz for all of you non-central-Iowans.

1. I really like the simple pattern on this pillow, it would work well in almost any type of space, very versatile.

2. THIS TABLE! I actually found in real life today and bought because I needed it. It is now my new and beautious nightstand. I will pick a name for it, once I do I will share it with you. I'm not sure yet, but I am open to suggestions. It works so perfectly in my master bedroom because I have a vintage dresser set that is the color and style of the drawer with the grooves, and our headboard is a modern sleigh in the dark espresso of the table frame. So perfect. I have been looking for years actually...but I digress.

3. I really love the bold colors and the fun pattern in this chair. It would make a really great statement piece. It could easily go traditional, ecclectic or if styled correctly, contemporary.

4. Who doesn't love a classic paper lantern? They cast such a nice soft glow and add nice ambiance. And for the generally low cost how can you go wrong? This light to me, is a nice reference to a classic paper lantern but a little updated.

5. Most people don't need a reminder to be awesome every day, but this print is a nice little motivator to start your day off right. I sure like it.

6. I love the simplictiy in this wine rack. It takes up little wall space and looks clean and chic.

7. This great, clean, contempoary love seat is a great steal right now! Being so simple and neutral you could style it into any space.

8. Again, this bookcase is on a great sale! I love this piece. It would fit so nicely into a mod space and would be such a fun piece to style.

9. And really, who doesn't need more wine and less whine? Here.

Well that's it for {Friday Finds} this week. What do you think? Do you like seeing more local finds, or online finds better? Let me know what you would like to see more of, I love requests!

Happy weekend!

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