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Splashy {Mood} Board

Happy Thursday guys! I hope your week has been as exciting and productive as mine! I had a very exciting meeting this week that could very well lead to an amazing opportunity. I will let you know more as that unfolds, but the moral is, be excited for me ok? Thanks, good to have you on board!

Speak of boards, the board for this week was way fun for me to throw together. It has some personal favorites in it again, so it just made for a fun one to put together. I would LOVE to get some style, color, room requests from you guys to put specific ones together though (hint, hint).

1. This pendant! I have loved it for a couple of years. I love the intricate punched design and the simple silver on the outside with that bold splash of teal on the inside. It is just so fun to me.

2. I think this will be my new catch phrase, because it's just so true. I love the bold pop of color too. Here

3. Now, for those of you that know me, apple green is just, my jam. For those of you that don't know me, commit that to memory, ok? I love apple green, and chevron also. I also really love to mix geometric and organic patterns, this chair is a great execution of that.

4. I love that this rug pulls in all of the colors in the space and adds another organic element.

5. THIS. THIS COUCH! I have longed for it for some time now. So much so that I randomly go back and just look at it, I am pretty sure that's healthy. See, I also love our current couch, which is in fine shape and doesn't need replaced, so I have no need to buy this couch. But it's just so great. I love the clean lines, the mod styling and the color.

6. The soft yellow in this lamp is a great pop of color to keep up with the other bold colors splashed in this space, but is just a little toned down, so it's not too overwhelming.

7. This table is great in the space to me because, as I said I love geometric with organic patterns. I love that it can feel light and airy on the bold colored rug, but still holds it's own.

8. Really? Who doens't need this pillow? The colors are great for the space, and I think it would be really fun on that chair.

9. The coral color in this table really ties in the verbal art and connects well with the area rug.

That's it for this mood board, let me know if you want to see any styling in particular, otherwise I will just keep throwing together dream spaces for myself :)

Happy Thursday!!!

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