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{Friday Finds}

Happy Friday!!!

Wow, it sure seems like this week went by quickly! I suppose you will have that with all the big opportunities going on like I have had this week! Sorry, I keep gushing about it and not telling you what it is yet, but I am just SO EXCITED and I don't want to put it all the way out there until it is finalized. But I promise, it's pretty stinking great!

So some of you may or may not have noticed that my images look different than they used to. Well a very good (and very brilliant) friend of mine, who is much more well versed in the world wide interwebs and blogging than I, recommended a couple of sites to me that streamline the process of making colages. I am pretty happy with the outcome so far, but feel free to let me know what you think!

This week for {Friday Finds} I went to the 'ol trusty Stuff Etc here in town again, and I must say, it was kind of slim pickin's. I mean, they had a lot of STUFF there (get it!?) but I wasn't that impressed by much. I think they need to get a new round of items in maybe, a lot of the pieces were just a little more beat up than usual. Which was a surprise to me, I usually love what they have there!

1. This wine storage table is really great. I love that it is so functional and has a small footprint. You can store your glasses up top and obviously the sauce down below. They actually have two of these in right, now, I think from different consisngers.

2. I am actually looking at this coffee table for a project, but the new retail version. And let me tell you, this is a STEAL! It is a great piece with beautiful wood tones and detailing.

3. The simplicity of this shelf makes it easy to add a little three dimensional visual interest to any space. I really like it. You can get these new at any box store, but why buy new when you can get it used and in good shape for much cheaper?

4. I LOVE this candle stand. I think it has gorgeous detail and the color is so pretty. It would make a nice accessory to a mantle, buffet, anything really!

Well sadly that's all I have for finds today. If I come across more things when I am out and about I will probably share them on facebook, so check me out there!

Thanks guys! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

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