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LOVEly {Friday Finds}

Happy Love Day Friends!!

I hope you are all having a great love day today! In the past I haven't been the world's biggest fan of this holiday. I really love the general purpose of it, telling those you care about that you love them in a fun and special way. However, I have always hated how comercialized it can become and that gifts cost 3x as much as they did two weeks ago, it's silly. But I have come to embrace the holiday itself more over the last few years. I like to make special meals and gifts for my friends and family. How do you like to celebrate this LOVErly holiday?

I also think this holiday can be a good excuse to splash some color into your decor to brighten things up just as the cold fist of winter is really hitting everybody and that angst for spring is really kicking in.

1. This pillow is not only gorgeus and a great pop of red, it is made from recycled silk saris.

2. I have already shared the chair in this collection, but I just love the button detail, and I felt that a loveseat was appropriate to share today.

3. Who doesn't need a clock somewhere? You know I love clocks, I've not tried to hide it. This one would be great in a kitchen, on a collage wall, anywhere! It too adds a nice pop of color and obviously function.

4. These garden stools are always so versatile and a fun way to have a diferently styled end table or night stand too! I love the geometric pattern on this particular stool.

5. Hearts. Duh. But what a fun way to incorporate some love into the decor without being too mushy!

6. In case you haven't guessed by now, I love grey!! It's such a great, fresh, crisp neutral. I adore this rug, not only because it is grey and will add some richness to your space while also fading into the background and not stealing the show, but also because that pattern is simply wonderful. It works in so many different types of spaces.

7. This cherry art is again, a great addition of color, but it will easily work year round. It is just such a fun, light hearted piece, I really love it's simplicity.

8. How cute is this pillow? It would be a really sweet throw in the bedroom any time, but fun to toss into your living space during Love Day.

9. Again, this pouf makes for a great pop of red and is versatile enough that you could have it around any time, but would be extra nice to pull out this time of year. It would also be an excellent piece in a children's space.

Well That's my splash of red for Love Day. Let me know what you think and what else you want to see next week! Enjoy your day however you celebrate it!

Take Care!


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