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{Friday Finds}

Happy Friday and Happy SPRING!!

I hope you have all been enjoying the warmer weather. I sure have been trying. Last week I said that I was starting to get some spring fever....well that MAY have been an understatement. This week's {Friday Finds} are all centered around the great outdoors and creating beautiful living spaces to enjoy them.

1. These paper laterns are great no matter what you do with them. They would bring a nice pop of color hanging from a tree or pergola. They would also be great indoors with a lantern kit in a reading nook.

2. This sweet little bell would be adorable haning in a tree or on a hook in the yard.

3. I adore this dining set. It is so neutral and versatile. It would look great in any outdoor setting.

4. These. Candle jars. I love the idea of a few of these sprinkled around the perimeter of a patio or deck with some sand and candles in them. They would add such a nice ambient glow to your outdoor space in the evening.

5. I love the concept of outdoor pillows. They can be a little extra work because you need to store them, but they really liven up a space.

6. You just can't beat some fun string lights surrounding a deck or patio. I love the added touch of the metal shades on this set.

7. Outdoor rugs are such an underrated element. I really love the warmth that they can bring to an outdoor space.

8. How much fun is this chair? I love that it is a very simple frame, in such a fun bright color. You could probably easily stumble across some great frames on the good 'ol CL and paint them any color you please.

9. These ottomans are so functional. They make a great bright accent piece, and not only serve as an ottoman, but can be a stool for extra seating, or if you gang 2-4 together with a tray on top they can function as a table.

Well that's what I've got for this week folks. Sorry it's a bit later in the day, I have had a {great} busy week, I hope you all have had as well. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!! Enjoy that weather!


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