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{Loving} it Lately

Hey Howdy Hi Folks!

So sorry for the hiatus. I have been busy and distracted, and life has just been going on. Thankfully some of the busy I have been has been work, but a lot of it has honestly been me being lazy and distracted. I get overwhelmed sometimes with trying to juggle work, and kiddos and blogging and dinner and just life. Hopefully you understand.

So I think I want to start doing a new thing, where I post stuff more often (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Surely, lies!). I have decide that I want to keep {Friay} Finds a local thing mostly, and I will do a different post with things I am {Loving} online. That way it kicks my butt and I have to keep with it and post about the stuff I cruise the internet for all the time anyway ;)

SO! Without further adieu, The first (admittedly small) {Loving} it Lately:

1. I always love jewel tones, just, in life. We know this, it's not surprise. But I really love the juxtaposition of a soft pastel color with a bunch of bright, bold jewel tone pieces. The combination adds such a rich, vibrant depth to a space. Gorgeousity.

2. This. Pendant. Am I right?! It's so fun!! I love the subtle details in it, and I really love the over all styling of the piece. It is so versatile, it could really meld into any style setting.

3. I am in love with outdoor rugs. They are such a great, simple way to really define your outdoor area. With such a simple piece you can really add a lot of color and pattern to liven up the space. Love it.

4. Lastly, I am in LOVE with bold colors (jewel tones, eh EH?!?) for simple outdoor furniture. I always love the clean lines of your classic pieces for outdoor furniture, and adding a bold color really brightens them up and gives them a fun, quirky style.

Well that's what I have for today folks, but I will do better to have more for you more often.

Happy Tuesday! And happy SUMMER!

- Dessie

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