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{Loving} it Lately

Happy Wednesday guys!

So I posted the image for {Loving} it Lately last night on the good 'ol FB and didn't have time to get a post up on it, so here I am! Woo!!

I am sure most of you are familiar with One King's Lane, or something conceptually in that family. It's an online membership website that lets you in on some good deals for furnishigns and home goods. There are other similar sites set up in the same manner but focused on clothing, children's items, other home goods, the list goes on. I am a member of many of them, it is great and vicious.

So I liked the accessory sale that OKL is currently running. They have lots of fun, quirky, bright accessories. And here are a few!

1. This octopus is a fun "set-em-arounds" accessory. Think of all the sweet loot you could tuck away in those tentacles, and who would dare mess with an octopus to try and steal them. Safe and lookin' good! Ok obviously you aren't likely to squirrel things away in his tentacles, but he sure would look good on a bookshelf.

2. I love the geometric pattern and the color on this tray. It would be great staged on a coffee table/ottoman or to serve lemonade/tea on.

3. Who doesn't love a good picture frame? This one has some great texture in addition to it's fun bold teal color.

4. These lanterns are not only super neat, but would be way fun to throw some sand and a candle in and put around the perimeter of your deck or patio, or hang outside from a tree to some nice soft outdoor candlelight. You could also stage them well for indoors too. Oh the versatility!

5. Now, we all know chevron. It's a thing. It gets around. It has been super trendy over the last year. But also some people, I won't name names, might be a little burnt out on it. So I love the fun twist this pillow has. The pattern brings the feel of a chevron, but not really. I like the way the colors break up the lines. It adds a lot of visual interest.

Well that's what I have for now folks. Thanks for your patience while I get my sh*t togetha and get a BRILLIANT post to go along with those fun pieces.


- Dessie

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