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Kitchen Remodel {Continued}

Happy Wednesday guys!!

We have had some nice movement in the kitchen, so I am here to share!

SO! Remember when my kitchen was just studs? It felt like we would never get anywhere:


But magic and glitter and friendship happened! And we DID get somewhere!!

photo 1.JPG

Now, I know what you are thinking, "You're CRAZY! That's not progress, I'm pretty sure it is the exact same. Maybe consider counseling, I think you are delerious." You would not be far off. It DOES look the same, but not EXACTLY the same. See those blue boxes? Those are new electrical boxes, so there. So after that was all run and done, there was this:

photo 2.JPG

That guy right there, in the red, looking so proud of himself for holding up a wall. Yeah that's the hubs. He was happy to make a wall. That other guy? On that step stool? That's my super handy brother-in-law. They are good guys. Next we had this:

photo 4.JPG

That's WALLS people!!! Real. Live. WALLS! I was excited at this point, it was becoming a room again. See that wall, where the window is? Yeah I helped put that one up! Then we were onto the fun task of mudding and putting up the celing drywall:

photo 5.JPG

Ignore the lovely garbage can and focus on the fine mudding here, folks. Ceiling round 1:

photo 6_edited.JPG

I also helped put up the ceiling. And let me tell you guys, THAT, was fun. (Rolls eyes repeated for 10 minutes). But it was progress, and it was satisfying because then we had this:

photo 7.JPG

I know I know, it's not all there YET, but wait one picture.....

photo 9.JPG

See?! It was worth the wait....right?! We have walls AND a ceiling! Now I don't mean to brag....but that's kind of a big deal. And that is where we are today. We have walls and a ceiling, and lots and lots and lots of sanding to do. Hopefully we get texturing and painting done by the weekend so that we can put the floor in on Monday and be ready for cabinets!!! The cabinets are due in on Monday, hopefully that stays true (fingers crossed). It occured to me yesterday that if all goes well, I will have cabinets, and maybe my fridge and wall oven in next week!!!!!! Gah! You guys, be excited and send out your happy thoughts.

Lata nerds! (jk I love you)

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