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Kitchen Remodel {Home Stretch!!!}

Happy Friday Friends!! I realize it has been a while since I have posted, but really, who's surprised? It's my jam.

SO! Some significant progress has been made in the kitchen, in fact, the countertops are being installed AS I TYPE! I couldn't be more excited. I will have a SINK again! And counters, and then a cooktop and a dishwasher! This is huge, people.

But first we have to catch up. Last we spoke, we were sanding all the things. We did that, and then it looked like this:


That lovely lady right there is my seester. She and her wonderful husband came to help us get the walls textured and painted.

Oh HAI there! That's Sadie. She didn't help at all, she just got underfoot because she forgets she is a huge dog and gets in the way. My lovely husband was laying the flooring at this point:


So that next, we could start getting the cabinets installed:


It is starting to feel real now! WE HAVE SOME CABIENTS!.... And with great cabients, sometimes come.....


CABINET GNOMES! Sorry, I had to put that one in here, it was too good not to share.


First comes floors, then come cabinets, then come APPLIANCES! Hymm that doesn't have the same ring to it as the love, marriage, baby carriage thing, but I like it just as much.


That's my fridge up there, it's dreamy and I love it and we are best friends and soulmates. It is the LG Door in a Door frigde and I got it for a steal!


And that there, next to the fridge? THAT is my oven. My convection double wall oven. *sigh* It is also dreamy and I love it. It is moments, and appliances like these, that I remember why we've put ourselves through this two month, kitchenless exhaustion.

And that is where it stands, except, as I said, THEY ARE INSTALLING MY COUNTERTOPS RIGHT. NOW!!!! So, ya know, no big deal or anything, I'm keeping my cool about it......until the lovely installtion men leave. Then all bets are off. There's no telling how I will express my love and excitement. Or, rather there is, but I shouldn't put it on the internets.....

If you follow me on facebook, I assure you there will be pictures up today once the countertops are done, because I won't be able to CONTAIN myself.

After countertops, comes the cooktop, and then hooking up the sink and dishwasher. Then we just have a few odds and ends to wrap up, the cabinet over the fridge, the fridge side panel and the toe kick. We are in the home stretch and I couldn't be happier!!

That's all I have for now guys, as if it wasn't loads of I guess rather, you're welcome, I'm done for now!

K Love you buh BYE!

{5 points to the person who names the cartoon that is from}

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