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Color in the Kitchen

Happy Monday Everybody!!

I hope you all had a great fall weekend, I sure did, it was glorious. Finally, for the first time, in possibly my entire life, we had a relaxing, non-jam-packed weekend. We carved pumpkins. I baked all the pumpkin shiz, there was friendship and a crockpot full of pumpkin spice latte. It was delightful, the whole darn weekend. So I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful.

This week I want to talk about color in the kitchen. The world of kitchen cabinets is expanding and offering new and exciting options. Gone are the days of only wood stains. Obviously it started a while ago with white cabinetry making it's way into the kitchen. And in the past couple of years, other colors have snuck their way in as well, namely gray lately.

Keeping your kitchen neutral with white and gray cabinets is always a classic, safe choice for your kitchen. It keeps the space feeling clean, fresh and bright. I do advuse using a wood floor with this look though, it will warm the space up and keep it from feeling too austere.

What I think and hope will really be on trend in the coming year is cabinets in bold colors. I know it isn't for everybody, and that is just fine. But if you have the cojones to go for it, it can be STUNNING!

You can do baby steps and start with a splash of color on the island. I love how the backsplash ties into the island, not directly with the exact same yellow, but rather, in the family. The other bold elements in this space help to balance the bright island as well, i.e. the rug and the gorgesous "dipped" paint technique on the chairs.

Another means of a slow roll into colored cabinets, is to just do the base cabients in your color, and keep it light and airy in the space with white upper cabinets. This gives you the punch of color you are after, but is less in your face. And again, the accessories in the space are key here to tie in the bold green on the cabinets. I am also loving that pop of accent in the dark tray ceiling, but that topic is for another day.

Of course, you can go all out and do the uppers and lowers in the color too, which I am in LOVE with. In this instance, it is a softer approach to color cabinets, with the muted blue and the crisp white backsplash and ceiling. The cabinets are the focal point here, and the rest fades away. The little bit of color in the accents compliments the blue perfectly.

BAM! You can also go all out, bawlz-to-the-wall on your cabinet color. Now, this is only for some people, but when done, and done well, it is SO gorgeous and striking. It is also pretty imperative here to keep your other main elements in the kitchen very neutral, so that they fall into the background. The white marble counter top contrasts perfectly with the orange cabinets, but isn't too heavy to compete with it or get too busy.

I would love to see this trend take off farther than the classic gray and white, which I love. I think colored cabinets have a lot to offer to the design world and the beauty is that the options are endless. You can literally pick any color and slap it on there. The other lovely thing about this trend, is that it can be easy. Obviously you can order cabients in a painted factory finish and I think it is fantastic to see that picking up momentum in the market. You can also DIY painted cabinets, with a little elbow grease. And the great thing about painting cabinets yourself, is that you can switch it up however, and whenever the mood strikes you. Now, be aware that painting cabinets takes some time, so I do not imagine that you will be switching your colors up every other month, but if you feel like it, you sure can!

I love this trend, I am anxious to see more of it saturating the market and to work with it more myself. If you have any color in your kitchen, please share it! I would love to see what you've got!

That is all I have today, get out there and be bold.

- D

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