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Color in the Kitchen

Happy Monday Everybody!!

I hope you all had a great fall weekend, I sure did, it was glorious. Finally, for the first time, in possibly my entire life, we had a relaxing, non-jam-packed weekend. We carved pumpkins. I baked all the pumpkin shiz, there was friendship and a crockpot full of pumpkin spice latte. It was delightful, the whole darn weekend. So I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful.

This week I want to talk about color in the kitchen. The world of kitchen cabinets is expanding and offering new and exciting options. Gone are the days of only wood stains. Obviously it started a while ago with white cabinetry making it's way into the kitchen. And in the past couple of years, other colors have snuck their way in as well, namely gray lately.

(My Own)