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Wallpaper, Get on it!

Happy Monday, Friends! If you live in the midwest, then good luck with that super confused weather we are having. If you don't, then well, our weather is being the craziest lately. I am pretty sure if all of this rain had been snow, we would be buried until spring.

Today! Instead of weather, we are talking about wallpaper and how it's great. I know, I know, you are thinking of kitschy boarders and chickens and gingham. Well you just stop that right now. Don't even do it. Wall coverings can be a great way to make a bold statement in your home and there are loads of ways to do it!

Just look at that! That gorgeous pattern with the soft, warm neutrals. It makes a stunning and bold statement. And are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? That is FABRIC on that wall! It opens up the possibilities of what you can put on your walls. It isn't a wildly new treatment, but it is picking up steam and I love it.

Another great use for wallpaper is to add dimensional texture, in addition to visual texture. Here the homeowners used a medallion pattern to create a faux tin ceiling look, and it is stunning. You can find all sorts of patterns and they are often paintable, which can be even more fun!

You can also use wallpaper in a way that it makes a statement but also blends in. At first glance, this installation can look like a beautifully assembled gallery wall, but it is so much more. This treatment isn't so bold as others, but it still makes a great impact. It also takes some of the guess work out of those trendy gallery walls!

Powder. Freaking. Rooms. Those magical little bathrooms are basically what wallpaper dreams of growing up to live in. And here is a space to really play around and have some fun in! I am working with a homeowner right now and we are looking at some dreamy wall coverings for her powder room and I cannot wait to see where we land, though I have a clear front-runner right now. Check out my instagram to see what we are looking at!


This is another great example of using wallcovering for texture, but we are more specifically looking at the fact that it is installed on the stair risers. I LOVE this detail and not to mention the way it was done here. There are skads of examples out there of fun patterned and colored wallcoverings on stair risers that are equally as gorgeous. I love that the texture here can make you do a double take because at first glance it is a simple neutral color, but it's got some nice subtle depth to it.

I know, I know. I talked about powder rooms up there already. And speaking of, look how lovely. The navy, that mirror, and the ceiling! Which is what we are really looking at in this picture. Ceilings are a great canvas for wall coverings. You can really play around with that whole blank slate up there. I have seen master bedrooms, dining rooms, powder rooms, entryways, you name it, with wall coverings on them and it's the greatest. It's another fun way to make a statement in a room. You can do something bold, as shown here, or you can do something similar to the image I showed earlier with the textured wallpaper on the ceiling to add dimension. The options are limitless.

Whelp, I had to cut myself off somewhere, so I'm done now. I hope you either love wallpaper now, or are warming up to the magical wonders it is capable of, because, it is. Happy Monday!

Later Gaters

- D

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